AF rough set

A/F Rough 


These polishing wheels are manufactured in several diameters and thicknesses to offer the most appropriate wheel depending on your preferences or the shape of the piece to be polished.

These wheels are used as is, without water or polishing paste.


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AF 160x25 Rough

A/F 160×25 (mm)

Rough grit

AF rough 110x25

A/F 110×25 (mm)

Rough grit

AF rough 110x12

A/F 110×12 (mm)

Rough grit

AF rough 95x20

A/F 95×20 (mm)

Rough grit

AF 85x6 Rough S

A/F 85×6 (mm) 

Rough grit

AF rough 70x12

A/F 70×12 (mm)

Rough grit