ST set 3

  These wheels are made from a mix of abrasive cloth and abrasive fiber to obtain the exact surface wished by the polisher. The participation of the abrasive fiber has a minimum role in terms of abrasion, its major effect is to be used as an absorber, which will give you a very smooth polishing, but very abrasive during the removal of smudges even on hard metals.

The S/T range is only used for fine grits from 320 up to 1000 grit which will give you a very high quality satin finish.

These wheels are used as is, without water or polishing paste.
Available in grit : 320 / 400 / 600 / 800 / 1000
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ST 160x25 G1000

S/T 160×25 (mm)

ST 110x25

S/T 110×25 (mm)

SA 110x12

S/T 110×12 (mm)

ST 95x20

S/T 95×20 (mm)

ST 85x6

S/T 85×6 (mm)  

ST 70x12

S/T 70×12 (mm)